How using Smint.io Portals improves your users DAM experience

  • Customer: one of the world's largest educational publishers
  • Modernized look and feel of the existing DAM
  • A professional solution up and running in a very short time
The challenge:

Improving the use of level of engagement with assets stored in the current DAM by staff and vendors

Our customer is a leading education publisher that offers top-notch education services, including assessment tools, content, and digital products. As a result, the educational company produces a ton of content. Managing content assets in a large organization can be a tedious and never-ending process.

The Digital Asset Management solution plays a crucial role in ensuring that all assets for production are in one place and can be reused without any major barriers. A DAM solution is therefore essential for sharing assets with teams across verticals and countries.

Achieving the right level of user engagement with its assets was one of the core challenges.

The team was looking to update their DAM solution by upgrading its interface, making it user-friendly and more modern.

The old interface was dated and lacked the required features. Since it’s hard to add them to an existing DAM system, they were looking for a service provider who could provide customized and flexible solutions.

The impact of these shortfalls

Less than optimal use of DAM capabilities was leading to bottlenecks in providing a good customer experience. The global pandemic created ever-growing challenges for the education industry. In an uncertain business environment, ensuring consistent user growth was becoming a major hurdle.

Baby steps

The decision-makers realized that they needed a system that helps optimize the reuse of content assets in the organization. Their key account manager at their DAM recommended Smint.io, a specialist in content portal solutions. The educational publisher looked into two other competing vendors to gain an understanding of their pricing, structure, features, and industry knowledge before choosing to go with Smint.io. Smint.io’s capabilities, flexibility, and expertise stood out among the other service providers the publisher considered.

The solution

Smint.io Portals Media Center

Smint.io Portals is geared to connect scattered sources of content and quickly incorporate them in a unified media center. The ready-to-use solution helps businesses publish content from where it lives.

It’s a quick and easy way to make a DAM system both beautiful and lovable. In addition, the solution makes it simpler and more engaging for team members and stakeholders to use the DAM system.

The Director of Global Asset Management decided to go with Smint.io to modernize the look and feel of their DAM system and make it easier to navigate and use.

The Smint.io Portals Media Center enables businesses to link together a variety of data sources and publish content assets from them on a single portal. It can be described as a beautiful front-end that offers users many options for easily finding and using assets. It’s a hub that looks and feels like the brand itself and provides an engaging experience to employees and company stakeholders.

The result

Huge uptick in use of assets in the publishers DAM system

After deploying the media center, the publisher saw considerable improvement in the level of engagement with its DAM system. “Our Asset Library DAM has made a big leap forward.,” says the responsible Director of Global Asset Management.

The publisher’s updated DAM system with a new, clean, and navigable interface received a positive response from employees and stakeholders. In addition, the publisher found that Smint.io’s services are backed up by thorough knowledge of the industry and attention to detail.

In the words of the project owner

Choose Smint.io if you’re looking for a forward-thinking, customer-focused company who’s also a true partner in your growth.

Director of Global Asset Management responsible for the project

Happy stakeholders

One of the critical issues for any company producing a large volume of content is keeping stakeholders satisfied. Unfortunately, as far as technology goes, this can be a complicated process. In addition, building a portal from scratch can entail considerable expense.

The publisher was able to overcome this at a reasonable cost. Now the publisher’s employees are able to log in to an integrated portal and access the content assets they need, at any time from any place. The company is also enjoying the benefits of a solution that makes storing, sharing, and managing digital assets a breeze.


  • A single resource center for all content assets
  • User-friendly search, downloading, and sharing
  • A stable and reliable system
  • Clean, modern, and easy-to-navigate interface
  • A large amount of meta data
  • User and permissions management
  • Excellent after-sales service and support


  • Greater level of engagement in the company’s DAM system
  • Improved end-user brand experience
  • Cost-efficient and reliable system
  • A single source of truth for all branded content assets
  • Improved team collaboration
  • Enhanced team productivity