How bvik elevated content management and enhanced brand consistency

  • Using SharePoint instead of new DAM
  • Strong brand recognition
  • Introduction of a professional Event Portal
The challenge:

bvik’s strive for a consistent brand image

bvik (Bundesverband Industrie Kommunikation e.V.) is a German B2B communications association founded in 2010 with the primary objective of uniting shared interests and fostering an open network for valuable exchanges among B2B marketers.

In the dynamic world of B2B marketing, even bvik grappled with the challenges of consistent branding across the entire communication strategy. These made it difficult to maintain a professional brand image, which is of course mandatory for an important pioneer like bvik.   

The association was open to new ways to streamline its processes and improve communication strategies for a coherent and effective brand presence. 

Confronting Email Restrictions 

bvik confronted significant restrictions in email communication content delivery, primarily attributable to the limitations imposed by the former DAM system.  

They encountered obstacles in delivering content seamlessly, impeding their capacity to effectively engage with the stakeholders and share vital information. 

Stakeholders, including supporting members and partners, are integral to bvik’s mission and professionalization in B2B communication.  

Since bvik is a non-profit association, the stakeholder’s financial support is an important commitment to the association’s goals, ensuring the advancement of initiatives vital for marketing in the global competitive landscape 

Exploring Alternatives 

bvik found itself at yet another crossroads. Their existing DAM contract had run its course, prompting them to explore alternatives. Considering a new, large-scale DAM system and using media libraries in WordPress as small-island solutions were on the table.  

However, the limitations of these options became evident when compared to the comprehensive service offered by Smint.io. 

The solution:

Breakthrough with professional Brand Management

bvik sought a comprehensive solution to improve its brand appearance, addressing the challenges of consistent branding and email communication constraints posed by the existing DAM systems. 
bvik aimed to enhance communication efficiency, maintain a professional brand image, and overcome barriers to seamless content delivery, solidifying its position as a B2B marketing communications leader in Germany. 

Sought-After Solution

Smint.io Portals emerged as the sought-after solution, revolutionizing bvik’s brand communication with modular scalability, time savings, and precise tracking capabilities, elevating its overall marketing endeavors. 
Smint.io Portals serve as a sophisticated platform meticulously designed to seamlessly integrate content from diverse sources, establishing a single source of truth in digital space.

Media Center Experience: Stunning Front-end

Businesses can seamlessly integrate multiple data sources and streamline the publication of content assets through a unified platform with Smint.io Portals.  

This platform can be characterized as a stunning front-end that provides users with numerous alternatives for quickly locating and utilizing assets.

With Smint.io Portals, bvik seamlessly transitioned from its previous DAM system to an exclusive utilization of SharePoint. This solution not only negated the necessity for a separate DAM but also ensured that all the assets are housed within SharePoint.  

That eliminates the need for manual uploads and guarantees an entirely on-brand and streamlined content management system. 

The Brand Portal provides bvik stakeholders and staff with compelling experience, emphasizing the significance of professional presentation and external impact, while maintaining a distinctive look and feel of the brand. 

The result:

Seamless Content Integration, Brand Consistency, and Email Efficiency

Acting as a single source of truth, the Brand Portal addressed bvik‘s challenges of disorganized content, inconsistent communication, and brand image.  

Structured Storage with SharePoint Integration 

By connecting to SharePoint, Smint.io Portals structured data storage, facilitating targeted access and efficient content retrieval. The modular scalability of the portals accommodated bvik’s evolving needs, enhancing its ability to maintain a professional brand image.

In addition, the Brand Portal’s Share feature became instrumental in press distribution, enabling bvik to send professionally branded collections and eliminating size restrictions.  

Furthermore, Smint.io’s solution facilitated efficient email communication, overcoming the constraints of most DAM systems and ensuring seamless content delivery.

One more: Event Portal 

Also, for the first time bvik presented a professional Event Portal for their flagship conference the TIK. The TIK portal presented a breakthrough, providing a consistently branded and impeccably structured platform.  

This digital presence not only elevated the event experience but also significantly contributed to the ongoing process of professionalization.

Flexibility to Changing Needs 

In the event of a company’s evolving technology needs, Smint.io Portals is well-equipped to accommodate changes. Designed as a flexible and open system, each portal can undergo adaptation and restructuring at any juncture, ensuring seamless alignment with shifting requirements. 

Essentially, Smint.io Portals emerged as the ideal platform, aligning with bvik’s commitment to professionalizing B2B marketing and fostering a more impactful and credible brand presence.  

The collaborative and supportive nature of Smint.io’s team, coupled with the direct involvement of founders in projects, solidified the foundation of trust for bvik. 

Smint.io won us over with the warmth of personal connections we made with their amazing team. The easy-to-use interface and the personalized support are the gems in our collaboration, making Smint.io stand out from other tool providers.

Ramona Kaden Managing Director bvik


Key data

  • Industry: B2B Marketing Association
  • Number of portals: 2
  • Use Case: Media Center , Event Portal
  • Content Source: SharePoint
  • Users: public, through SSO


  • Strengthened communication strategy  
  • User-friendly search, downloading, and sharing  
  • Improved end-user brand experience
  • Tracking Capabilities 
  • Easier team collaboration