How WALTER GROUP overcame brand management challenges

  • Achieved brand consistency
  • Enhanced productivity and efficiency
  • Embraced modern solutions to streamline brand management
The challenge:

For almost a century, LKW WALTER has been a pillar of Austria’s transportation and logistics sector. Today, the company is one of the several in the WALTER GROUP, which has over 5,000 employees and is active in a wide range of industries.

However, as the winds of technology reshaped the business landscape, WALTER GROUP found itself facing a formidable brand management challenge.

Navigating through Outdated Processes

WALTER GROUP was tangled with outdated brand management methods. For years, the company relied on manual methods, to gather information about its vast array of brands that hindered efficiency.

Engaging with a growing number of stakeholders within the marketing processes became a cumbersome task, as they had to sift through the maze of outdated information, hindering effective collaboration and brand management.

Despite the long-standing reliance on traditional approaches, there was a growing willingness to embrace modern solutions and improve their brand management practices.

Struggle with Brand Consistency 

As content creation surged, WALTER GROUP also found itself dealing with a serious issue: maintaining a consistent brand image. Without clear guidelines or a central hub for all brand assets, the task of ensuring a consistent “Look and Feel” across all channels became increasingly complex.

This challenge posed a serious concern, as any inconsistency in branding had the potential to weaken the hard-earned reputation and recognition that WALTER GROUP and its subsidiaries had successfully built over the years.

Limited Adoption 

Magnifying the challenge was the limited adoption of existing brand management tools and processes. Despite investments in digital platforms like Picturepark and Media Asset Management (MAM), there was a disconnect between the tools available and their utilization, leading to content silos within the organization.

This resulted in underutilization and inefficiencies, further aggravating the brand management challenge.

The solution:

The Quest for Solution 

Recognizing the importance of the situation, WALTER GROUP embarked on a quest for solutions. The search led them to explore various brand management tools, ultimately zeroing in on Smint.io.

It was clear that the objective was not to create yet another content silo. Extensive research spanning several months, coupled with internal deliberations, paved the way for the partnership with Smint.io.

The seamless integration with Picturepark, coupled with the proximity of Smint.io’s team to WALTER GROUP’s headquarters in Vienna, made Smint.io an ideal choice for the company’s modernization efforts.

Illuminating the Path Ahead

Smint.io simplifies access to brand-related information and enables team members to quickly find and utilize resources.

Centralizing brand assets with Smint.io promotes consistency and enhances brand visibility across various channels. Moreover, it facilitates upskilling team members, equipping them with the necessary tools to effectively advocate for the brand.

This ensured that instead of creating isolated repositories, the integration facilitated a cohesive ecosystem, streamlining access to assets while enhancing collaboration and efficiency across the organization.

Research suggests that by creating a centralized brand repository organizations save $2.7 million by streamlining access to materials and guidelines, reducing time spent across departments.

Brand Portal Experience

With Smint.io Portals businesses can seamlessly integrate multiple data sources and streamline the publication of content assets through a unified platform.

The Brand Portal features a dynamic and user-friendly interface, elevating not only the user experience for WALTER GROUP but also ensuring consistent brand representation and seamless access to assets.

This fosters a formidable brand presence and strengthens recognition among customers.

“Beyond the features and functionalities, it’s the unwavering support provided by the Smint.io team that truly sets the partnership apart.”

Sebastian Hirzer Teamlead Content Marketing

The result:

Empowering Efficiency and Consistency

At WALTER GROUP the decision to partner with Smint.io wasn’t just about promises. It was about tangible outcomes that transformed their brand management practices.

Smint.io revolutionized WALTER GROUP’s approach to brand management by providing a centralized platform for accessing essential information. With all brand-related details consolidated in one place, there is no need to sift through outdated Word documents and multiple sources.

This centralized platform ensures that everyone in the organization can access the same up-to-date information, promoting consistency and alignment across departments. By streamlining access to crucial details, Smint.io helped to improve workflows and productivity within WALTER GROUP.

Since implementing Smint.io, WALTER GROUP has achieved significant milestones in their brand management journey. They successfully digitized their brand management processes, establishing a dynamic and digital point of truth – a feat that marks a significant advancement, enhancing efficiency and transforming operations.

  • Growth in the volume of content produced, reflecting proactive content creation efforts
  • Improvement in the efficiency of information retrieval within the brand management platform
  • Enhancement in quality and quantity of content within brand guideline documents, demonstrating a commitment to brand consistency and effectiveness

Key Data

  • Industry: Transportation & Logistics
  • Number of Portals: 3
  • Use Case: Brand Portal
  • Content Source: Picturepark


  • Single source of truth
  • Streamlined access to brand-related information
  • Dynamic and user-friendly
  • Enhanced collaboration and efficiency