Use Case Media Center

Your company needs a central online platform to make all relevant assets available? 

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Single source of truth

You don’t need a new content storage solution for your Media Center. Connect your existing content sources and avoid another content silo. Sit back and enjoy the benefits of our live connection.

A download area for everybody

Need to share your assets with different audiences? Give everyone you work with access to the assets they need – they don’t even have to be users of your content storage system.

No code system

Create a beautiful, branded Media Center without any coding. Automatically display your content, media assets, or documents on-brand while your content always remains in your content storage system.

Most used features

  • Search & find
  • Collect & share
  • Download formats
  • Request & approval
  • Your metadata
  • Extensible

Demo Portals

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Brand Experience

June 28-29: @ CREATE

Brand Experience

Custom Downloads and Web2Print


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