The marconomy B2B Marketing Days show how companies face new challenges and which trends from the consumer sector are also used successfully for B2B companies.


What is branded content?

Brand Experience

Many businesses are producing online content, but most of them struggle to get conversions from it. Why? That’s because they fail to produce content that’s on-brand and memorable.

So in this article, let’s take a peek into branded content and how it can help you take your content from good to absolutely mindblowing.

Tag der Industriekommunikation

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We are proud to be part of the “Tag der Industriekommunikation” the  lighthouse event of the german federal association of communication and marketing.

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WANTED: Senior .NET (Core / 5+) Backend Developer (alive only ;-)

Hi! My name is Reinhard Holzner and I am CE(T)O at Good to see that you are interested in our current job offering. Now, let me tell you what this is about and why YOU should consider to join as our key Senior .NET (Core / 5+) Backend developer.