How to get various content portals with one single source of truth

  • 7 different use cases in less than 2 years
  • Combining multiple content sources
  • "We're glad you finally found the solution that we've been searching for so long"
The challenge:

Several content portals for one company without creating new content silos

It all started when the customer expressed a desire for a download center for its international teams, customers, and partners. The requirements were clear.

The Media Center needed to be:

  • integrated into the website,
  • freely accessible,
  • use the company’s own corporate design,
  • and display the assets from the existing DAM.

During the course of the discussions, it quickly became clear that the top priority was not to create yet another content silo. It was also important for it to present the assets in an appealing form and in line with the brand as well as to make them searchable, findable, and downloadable.

In short, the customer wanted a media center featuring its own corporate design and with a live connection to the existing DAM.

The original approach of working with digital agencies was abandoned after the company received their offers and was not satisfied with the proposed cost estimates. It seemed then as if the manufacturer’s wish was not attainable with the budget of a medium-sized company.

The beginning of something new

March 2021

Portal 1 and Portal 2 are created, and the existing DAM does not have to be replaced

During a conversation with the responsible key account manager of their DAM, the manufacturing company learned about the ability to partner with Smint.io. During their first joint call, they received assurances about their most important concerns:

  • The content could stay in the existing DAM and be displayed via a live connection.
  • The design of the interface would be able to be freely adjusted and therefore remain brand-compliant.
  • The assets would be searchable, findable, and downloadable as desired.


Quote from the Head of Social Media

“We’re glad you finally found the solution that we’ve been looking for so long.”


The company was able to launch a branded media center along with a fully functional press portal just two weeks later.


September 2021

Portal 3 and Portal 4 are launched for two subsidiary brands

About six months later, two of the manufacturer’s subsidiary brands wanted their own media centers. Word about the simple operation and user-friendliness of the portal had spread within the company. So, in a matter of days, the company launched its third and fourth portals.


October 2021

Portal 5, which needed to be connected to yet another content source, is created

The manufacturer discovered yet another need that it wishes to address. This time, the Training department wanted to transmit its content to the responsible managers in a user-friendly, target group-oriented manner using an e-learning platform.

The goal was to prepare different areas with explanations and to provide contextualisation and download options for the various internal teams.

Here, too, most of the assets were in the existing digital asset management system. The additional requirement was to subsequently include a second content source using SharePoint. It was quick and easy to implement thanks to the flexible software architecture of Smint.io portals.

After two weeks of working on the project, the Training department had its own branded training portal along with a live connection to the relevant content assets in the digital asset management system. The new portal was also set up to use SharePoint, which the end user would be able to access going forward through more than just one portal.


May 2022

A brand portal is needed as part of the company’s global rebranding. Portal 6 is launched

As part of a global rebranding undertaken together with a marketing agency, the manufacturing company went in search of a modern and powerful brand portal solution.
In the end, it shortlisted a specialized provider of brand portals and Smint.io portals. After several weeks of evaluation and discussions, it finally opted in favor of Smint.io.

The following features spoke in favor of the Smint.io brand portal:

  • No need for a silo application
  • The existing DAM did not have to be replaced or supplemented.
  • Understandable pricing
  • Proactive cooperation
  • Ability to connect to additional content sources in the future


Quote from the Head of Corporate Branding

“We have exacting requirements. Our benchmark was definitely the capabilities of the specialist provider. However, Smint.io has been and continues to be always ready to analyze our needs and to develop the features we want. They have met all of our needs so far.”


The company is currently developing the brand portal, and it will go live after its approval by the marketing agency and by the manufacturer.


January 2023

Portal 7 is created to serve as a download portal for marketing communications materials


Key data for the project

    • – Number of portals: 7
      – Use cases: Media Center, Press Portal, Brand Portal, E-Learning Portal, Download Portal
      • – Users: Public, unlimited
      – Content Sources: DAM, SharePoint


– Professional brand presence at low costs

– Boost efficient collaboration with stakeholders

– Fast implementation

– Mobile enabled

Single source of truth

– Available anytime and anywhere via browser

– Great user acceptance