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The first content activation platform

Use to activate content silos and enhance the content experience between brands, teams, employees, agencies, investors, channel partners and journalists.

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Brands that activate their content

Working with content requires a new way of experience and above all overcoming silos.

Brands face a brutal truth. Nowadays used information management systems keep their content locked in. gets it because we’ve experienced it on our own.

If these are your challenges ... Your solution should ...
DAM/ECM interface is too complicated for your users. Empower users to work with content more easily.
User demand better user experience. Harness content in a lovable way.
All communication has to be on-brand. Enable you to customize everything to your needs.
Global teams need access 24/7. Offer content for different user groups in different renditions.
No time for a new project. Be online quickly.

Content Sources

Where do you store your assets?

How we activate your content

  • Experience
  • Fusion
  • Context
  • Availability
  • Subscription
  • Interaction
  • Insights

Content Activation by Experience

Without experience everything is nothing. Offer your users a lovable content experience. We enrich and complement your existing content source and make it easy in use, but always on-brand. Both on desktop and mobile devices.

User focused content experience

Content Activation by Fusion

Unifying content silos is the next big thing. Connect your content portal to multiple content sources. Bring together all your content silos, and provide one central digital experience your users will love.

Single source of truth
Live connection

Content Activation by Context

Put your content into context. Provide additional information with your content assets to make things easy to understand. Display custom metadata, create brand guidelines or complete custom pages, easily. No coding skills required.

Create guidelines and custom pages easily
Display custom metadata

Content Activation by Availability

Desire is proof of the availability. Provide your content to your users when they need it. On any device. Without long waiting times. Without bugs. Publicly or behind a login. In any language desired. 24/7. Worldwide. Safe.

Available globally, 24/7, on any device
Full user management & process support

Content Activation by Subscription

In today’s world, it is key to be up to date. Keep your users informed about what happens. This makes your users feel that your content is alive. Like that pricelist that had an update? The news will spread automatically.

Automatic notifications
Stay up to date

Content Activation by Interaction

Nothing activates content more than interaction. This is why we enable your users to share, rate or comment on content in the most convenient way. Rest assured: you can at any time control which of those actions any user can perform.

Sophisticated collaboration features
User authentication

Content Activation by Insights

What gets measured gets managed. How well do press reports, price lists or product documents perform? Who is your champion users? We provide you with all insights you need to make your content activation efforts a real success.

Full insights - fully GDPR compliant
Improve content activation performance

Use Cases is the first content activation platform, that enables the seamless flow of assets from your content warehouse to your users.

So your content finally works for you.



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