How Somfy revolutionized their customers' content experience

  • Greater level of engagement in the company’s DAM system
  • Improved end-user brand experience
  • "Smint.io's support makes us feel genuinely taken care of whenever questions arise"
The challenge:

Enhancing the Digital Customer Experience and cultivating a robust brand presence

Somfy stands at the forefront as a leading expert in connected home equipment, headquartered in France, offering a comprehensive range of products that includes shutters, blinds, curtains, gates, garage doors, locks, heating, lighting, cameras, alarms, and more.

For more than 15 years, Somfy has been successfully working with Swiss DAM vendor Picturepark. However, in recent years, retailers’ needs for a great digital experience have changed significantly.

Because of that Somfy faced hurdles in delivering an optimal content experience and encountered issues with the way users interacted with their Digital Asset Management System. The users faced challenges in efficiently navigating and utilizing the platform.

Addressing these issues became a top priority for the Somfy marketing team, leading to a focused effort to enhance the overall user experience and streamline interactions.

Somfy also aimed to enhance its brand recognition and ensure a modern and fresh appearance, providing a visually appealing experience for the retailers.

Recognizing the importance of establishing a more robust and distinctive presence, another goal was to ensure that users in the future easily identified and formed a strong association with Somfy.

Understanding its customers’ needs, Picturepark suggested technology partner Smint.io Portals as a potential solution.

The solution:

Triumphing Over Challenges with their Smint.io Media Center

Enhancing user experience and engagement with their assets was one key challenge. Simultaneously, establishing a strong brand presence and recognition among customers was a priority.

It was very important to present the assets appealingly, and aligned with the brand while ensuring they remain searchable, findable and downloadable.

Also, it became immediately apparent that the primary objective was not to introduce yet another content silo. Smint.io Portals act as a versatile platform crafted to effortlessly publish content from various sources, creating a single source of truth digital space.

The solution connects scattered content sources and quickly unifies them in a Media Center to help businesses publish and make content more accessible to customers.

This enables Somfy to integrate various data sources seamlessly and publish content assets through a single content portal. In addition, the solution makes it simpler and more engaging for customers to use the DAM system.

The Media Center features an engaging and intuitive interface that not only is on-brand, improves Somfy´s user experience but also provides easy access to the assets.

More than that, the content portal embodies the brand’s essence and provides an engaging experience.

This creates a strong brand presence and recognition among customers.

The team at Smint.io consistently impresses with their rapid responses, and their support makes us feel genuinely taken care of whenever questions arise.

Stefan Sinnberg Head of Marketing Communication

The result:

Great User-Experience and elevated Brand Recognition

Following the Go-live of the Media Center, Somfy witnessed streamlined usage, resulting in heightened engagement and increased recognition value.

Somfy’s engagement with Smint.io was deliberate and driven by the platform’s commitment to simplicity, ensuring easy accessibility, and its incorporation of contemporary features.

Should the technology company’s requirements change, Smint.io Portals offers the right options here as well. Built as a flexible, open system, each portal can be adapted and restructured at any time.

Three tangible advantages surfaced:

The partnership has significantly increased brand recognition among all customers, and despite lacking comparative values, Somfy looks forward to continued collaboration, commending Smint.io as a great team.


Key data for the project

  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Number of portals: 1
  • Use cases: Media Center
  • Users: Authorized through SSO
  • Content Sources: Picturepark


  • Greater level of engagement in the company’s DAM system
  • Improved end-user brand experience
  • Fast implementation