How Komet Dental achieved a new stage of efficiency

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  • Komet Dental urgently required a Media Asset Portal
  • Empowering in-house and retailer capabilities for enhanced efficiency
The challenge:

Navigating Transformation: Amidst Challenges and Innovation

For a century, Komet Dental has been a distinguished leader in manufacturing and distributing high-quality rotating dental instruments. Renowned for its wide range of instruments used in dental procedures, including drilling, cutting, and shaping. Komet Dental, founded in 1923 in Germany, has maintained a long history of commitment to innovation and quality, solidifying its reputation as a reputable provider in the dental industry.  

A Need for Media Asset Portal 

In the midst of its transformative phase, Komet Dental faced a critical need for a Media Asset Portal. The plan was in place, but the existing Product Information Management (PIM) and Media Asset Management (MAM) systems were not ready.

At the forefront was the absence of a functional e-commerce portal housing over 10,000 product images. The consequences were dire – retailers reaching out to the wrong channels, sporadically demanding an extensive volume of images, leaving both parties dissatisfied.

Am I even allowed to send these to the retailers? – A question echoing through the corridors.

Facing the In house Challenge:  A Persistent Challenge 

Before discovering Smint.io, Komet Dental’s in-house solution proved to be a persistent challenge, requiring ongoing attention and resources. The constant need for development, coupled with the impending threat of a thinning market, pushed them to the brink.

The urgency to provide media assets clashed with the unavailability of a suitable MAM system. Additionally, exploring mainstream competitors revealed that the prices were exorbitant, and utilizing their services risked creating another content silo, an undesirable outcome for Komet Dental. The  prospect of starting from scratch wasn’t great either.

The solution:

Elevating Excellence: The Smint.io Portals Solution 

The repercussions of not addressing the challenges were ominous. The retailer-product listing was delayed, and promotional activities were hindered. A lack of product data and media assets would lead to a diminished retailer experience, affecting both their independence and the brand’s market standing.

Retailers regularly requested media assets, forcing Komet Dental to search for a solution that could serve as the definitive single source of truth.   

Proactive Discovery: Overcoming Challenges with Smint.io 

In the face of formidable challenges, Komet Dental found a transformative solution in Smint.io Portals, a well-thought-out platform meticulously designed to cater to the distinctive needs of the company.  

Komet Dental discovered Smint.io through proactive keyword searches, strategically navigating through Google to find solutions for their persistent challenges and issues. 

The decision to adopt Smint.io Portals was driven by its remarkable speed-to-market, offering a solution that perfectly matched Komet Dental’s requirements. The platform seamlessly integrates with SharePoint, eliminating the need for an overhaul of infrastructure and aligning with the  company’s strategic approach.  

Crafting a Digital Space 

Smint.io Portals act as a versatile platform crafted to effortlessly publish content from various sources, creating a single source of truth digital space.

This solution seamlessly integrates scattered content sources, swiftly consolidating them into a centralized media center. The goal is to help employees offer content with greater efficiency, ultimately enhancing accessibility for retailers.

The Media Center offers retailers an immersive experience, seamlessly preserving the brand’s distinctive appearance and maintaining a consistent and compelling look and feel. 

Smint.io has empowered us to stay ahead, offering a standout service as a brand. The support, meetings, and advice have been top-notch. Mr. Fahrnberger effectively understood our requirements, contributing to our success.

Christian Wehking Senior Global Product Manager

The result:

Unveiling the Transformative Impact of Smint.io Portals

Smint.io Portals did more than just meet infrastructure needs; it redefined how media assets are managed. Unlike traditional solutions, it avoided creating redundant content by referencing existing content. This shift in thinking empowered the team at Komet Dental with various options for designing their Content Portal, providing flexibility and control over the registration process. 

Seamless transition to SharePoint 

Komet Dental seamlessly transitioned from its previous DAM system to an exclusive utilization of SharePoint. This innovative solution not only eliminated the need for a separate DAM but also guaranteed the consolidation of all assets within SharePoint for a more unified and efficient management system.

Empowering In -House and Retailer Capabilities 

The impact of Smint.io Portals was felt immediately. The solution not only optimized in-house capacities but also empowered retailers. The burden of manually searching for images was lifted, allowing retailers 24/7 access to the assets they needed. This new found freedom for retailers not only streamlined processes but also elevated the level of service Komet Dental could offer.

Three tangible advantages surfaced:

  • Capacity Optimization: In-house capacities were preserved, and the team no longer spent time manually searching for images. 
  • Retailer Independence: Retailers gained 24/7 access to images, reducing the need for personal inquiries. 
  • Insights through Reporting: Detailed insights into the instruments being searched for provided valuable data.


In conclusion, Smint.io Portals emerged as the transformative solution that not only addressed challenges but propelled Komet Dental into a new era of efficiency and service excellence. The tailored approach, strategic alignment, and tangible benefits achieved through this innovative platform have positioned Smint.io as an indispensable asset in Komet Dental’s journey towards optimal media asset management. 


Key data

  • Number of portals: 1
  • Use Case: Media Center   
  • Content Source: SharePoint


  • Improved end-user brand experience   
  • Tracking Capabilities  
  • Retailer independence 
  • Insights through reporting
  • Improved team collaboration