The professional solution for your new Media Center or Brand Portal Portals is a highly available Content Experience Platform. Choose your use case, publish your content, surprise your target groups with a truly lovable digital experience and elevate your brand experience.

Because you never get a second chance to make a first impression!


Holistic solution

Each of our portals is a holistic solution. Get all the features you need as an admin. Surprise your users with features that differents your content portal from the others. Look and feel what modern user experience is all about.

No limits

Each content portal is much more than just a template. It is a fully functioning and ready-to-go solution. It is easy to set up, highly flexible and customizable, so you can add e.g. as many content pages as you need.

Quick creation and publishing

Brand managers and marketers can easily create customized content portals without graphic design know-how or IT experts within a few minutes.

No upload needed

Combine and connect your existing content sources and quickly launch them on your portal. Publish your content from where it lives without creating another content silo.

For all sizes

We offer an attractive pricing that works for small teams as well as enterprises. It even works for portals you need for a special time like e.g. microsites for events.

Perfect user experience

The success of any portal solution hinges on user acceptance and their interaction with the portal. Our software is designed with special focus on UX. Maybe that is the reason why users love our software.

We focus on your needs

We put our customers first. So we focus on that smart solution brands are searching for. The solution that can be connected with any DAM, PIM or existing system you currently use. Don’t adapt your processes to the solution, Portals adapts to you.

The perfect solution for your demand