Meet Portals Portals is the perfect solution for businesses that

✔️ search for out-of-the-box solutions for Media Center, Brand Portal or Dealer Portals

✔️ need to share content assets with internal & external users globally

✔️ store their content assets in DAM, PIM, MAM or SharePoint

✔️ want to have everything in their corporate identity

✔️ look for transparent pricing

Next generation
Content Portals

Build use case-oriented Content Portals that sit on content sources like Digital Asset Management Systems, Product Information Management Systems, Cloud Storage or Enterprise Content Management Systems.

No upload needed

Combine and connect your existing content sources and quickly launch them on your portal. Publish your content from where it lives without creating another content silo. Choose one of our templates and start now.

Quick creation and publishing

Use templates for different use cases to quickly create branded and feature-rich portals that support content delivery. Easily create customized content portals without graphic design know-how within a few minutes. Your assets always remain safely in your existing content source.

Automatic asset update

Never worry again about whether the correct version of your file is online. Thanks to the live connection via your content source and your content portal, the assets in the content portal are updated automatically.

Infinite possibilities

Each content portal is a fully functioning and ready-to-go solution. It is easy to set up, highly flexible and customizable, so you can add e.g. as many content pages as you need.

Quickly expandable

Do you want to use your content portal for several sub-brands or events? Create a portal according to your needs, clone it, and update the content depending on the purpose.

Holistic solution

The no-code backend is geared towards business users to remove the barrier of creation. It is a holistic solution with easy branding, simple authentication, and access levels for external users, single-sign-on, task management, automatic, branded system e-mails.

Perfect user experience

Support for multi-language content portals and multi-language metadata on your content is essential if you serve international audiences. The integration layer provides fragmented search and full-text search capabilities for your content in all languages of your portal.

We focus on your needs

We put our customers first. So we focus on that smart solution brands are searching for. The solution that can be connected with any DAM, PIM or existing system you currently use. Don’t adapt your processes to the solution, Portals adapts to you.

The professional solution for your new Media Center or Brand Portal

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