Enhanced content integration and personalization

We are thrilled to announce the latest advancements in Smint.io Portals that are set to revolutionize the way you manage and present your digital content.

Our new features are designed to seamlessly merge and contextualize content from diverse sources, providing a superior, tailored user experience that aligns perfectly with your business needs.

Seamless integration of DAM and PIM systems

Our innovative approach allows you to leverage your existing investments in Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Product Information Management (PIM) systems.

With Smint.io Portals, you can now quickly and efficiently combine content from both platforms to cover many use cases. Two particularly common examples are Sales Enablement Portals or Product Information Portals for internal teams or channel partners.

Sales Enablement Portals

Empower your internal sales teams and channel partners by merging product assets, detailed product information, and marketing assets into one cohesive solution. This integration ensures a flawless experience, enabling your teams to access everything they need in one place.

Product Information Portals

Create dedicated portals that offer a collection of localized marketing assets, complete with product texts and descriptions, tailored for specific products or product groups in the desired language.

New feature highlight

Related Assets Display: Elevate your content strategy with the ability to dynamically showcase associated product texts, properties, or campaign assets for each image. This feature is integrated into components such as the category slider, chooser, and asset preview, enhancing the way you link and explore related content.

Next-level personalization of content experiences

At Smint.io, we understand that personalization is key to engaging your audience. That’s why we’ve enhanced our portal capabilities further to deliver content that is relevant to each user depending on the user group membership or location.

We were already able to distribute assets based on their metadata. For example, assets like images, documents, and videos tagged with “North America” and “Retailer” could be made available to a “Retailer North America” user group. Additionally, menus and pages could be displayed in a way controlled by permissions.

Advanced user group content delivery

The exciting new feature is our ability to display category viewers and entire sections of content tailored to specific user group affiliation.

Tailor content experiences by displaying asset-based choosers or entire content sections based on user group affiliations or other conditions.

This means that each user is presented with exactly what is relevant to them. This streamlines communication, maximizes the utilization of your content and helps achieve your commercial goals.

As an added bonus, there are also improvements in terms of design options and the visual possibilities of chooser components – rounded corners, mouse over effects.

Your business goals in mind

This continuous development of our platform has only one objective in mind:
To better provide your business partners and teams with your content in order to achieve your business goals.

Join us in embracing these exciting new possibilities that not only improve the efficiency of your content delivery but also enrich the experience for every user.
Harness the power of Smint.io Portals to create a more connected, personalized, and impactful content strategy.

Gert Fahrnberger

Are your curious how this new features elevate your daily business?

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