Product follows vision

Every small feature our marvelous product team comes up with follows the same objective:

To empower our customers to bring their content to life by delivering great content experiences that drive engagement.

Therefore, our countless big and small feature updates of Portals since the beginning of the year focused on:

  • Improving the ease of use for marketers to personalize content delivery
  • Simplifying the administration and usability for portal creators

The seamless flow of assets to your users from different sources is not a one-time exercise. It requires constant attention to detail and changing user expectations.

Portal templates

Using the new templates for Brand Portal, Media Center, or Press Portal gives you a starting point for your content portal that covers everything but your design finish and your contextual content or guidelines you want to.

Time to go-live is not a barrier anymore!

Clone portals and pages

Now you can further leverage the work you have put into your portal.

Let’s say you have created a Brand Portal and now you need e.g., a Dealer Portal or a Sales Enablement portal using the same design and maybe some of the same components you already spent work on.

No problem! Your portal is your template.

Just copy it and you have great a starting point that takes you right before the finish line of go-live.

Or you created a page with all the components you need for other similar pages? The same principle applies: cloning of pages and components makes your live easy.

Data Processors – a new layer of possibilities

Following our vision to break down barriers of creation we have expanded our product architecture by a layer of Data Processors which opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Any metadata-based transformation or dynamically applied content routing rule can now be managed easily from one central place.

Dynamic Content Routing

The relevance of content to your users depends on your ability to identify and route the right content to your users.

Personalization based on metadata of your assets is the way to go – another complex task that Portals makes easy for you.
Dynamic Content Routing has been a widely used feature of Portals already.

Now we are taking it to the next level

The Data Processors layer prepares the platform for a new Dynamic Content Routing UI making it even easier for marketers to personalize the Portals experience.

Keep an eye out – this is going to be one of the next big things!

Permission management made easy

Managing permissions is a key requirement for personalization of content. That’s why we need powerful capabilities that are easy to use.

Following our principle of keeping the complexity under the hood for the user, we now significantly simplified our permission management user interface.

First or all, we now provide predefined permission scenarios for data sources and pages on the user-group level.

This gives transparency about the settings at a glance without losing any flexibility.

In addition, now you can conveniently define default permission settings and receive visual feedback about the changes you have made.

This is how we imagine the division of tasks.

You define which content you want to activate for which audiences and we provide you with the means to activate it.

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