Further expansion of partner network

Why does it matter to you that we continue to add new content sources?

Because you invest a lot in Marketing, Branding, and the creation of media assets, brochures, photos, videos or press releases. These investments only pay off if your audiences are presented with a lovable, on-brand content experience. You wouldn’t expect your real-world customers to shop from the high-bay warehouse in the physical world either, would you?

At Smint.io we offer exceptional content experiences for your content stored in digital “warehouses” like Digital Asset Management (DAM) or Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platforms.

So, if you’re using OpenText or MediaValet‘s DAM, you’re in luck!

You can now activate and bring your digital assets to life, stored and managed in these platforms with Smint.io Portals.

Be it for your dealers, journalists, or your internal teams – a Press Center, a Dealer Portal, a Media Download Center or a Brand Portal providing the content from OpenText or MediaValet in an on-brand manner makes your brand stand out from the competitors.

Henry Stewart DAM Webinar with CI-Hub on 17th December 2023

CI-Hub connects creatives and office workers with the digital assets stored in DAMs without having to leave their creative tools – the Adobe Creative Cloud or Microsoft Office365.

For that CI-Hub is known and loved for.
More than that: It is the de-facto standard in the DAM world.

And when it comes to how to use the company logo, which marketing claims are valid, or how to apply color – Smint.io Portals comes into play.

Our partnership gives creatives exactly this context. The brand guidelines that everyone must adhere to are displayed directly in CI Hub in the respective Adobe or Microsoft applications.

In this webinar, we’ll look at the concepts behind it and how your brand can benefit from it.

Marmind and Smint.io break down marketing silos

The new technology partnership between Marmind and Smint.io breaks down marketing silos. MARMIND’s Marketing Resource Management (MRM) solution allows customers to combine marketing plans, budgets, and results in one platform.

Like Smint.io Marmind is all about composable architecture, allowing organizations to integrate best-of-breed applications and breaking down silos.

Together Smint.io and Marmind enable marketing teams to create seamless workflows across point solutions, departments, and external audiences, better coordination across teams, and smarter and better content utilization through content activation.

Marketing teams, business teams, and external audiences all work with the same content – following planning and performance control in Marmind and connected via workflows delivered with perfect content experiences in Smint.io Portals.

Everyone with the frontend and the functionality that suits them best – including personalized content delivery.

As if by magic, documents, images, or videos from Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions, SharePoint, Box, or Google Drive surface where they need to be. Easy-to-use – easy-to-find, on-brand. For everyone – from creatives to business partners and dealers.

Automatic certificate management

You have always been able to use your own URLs and domains in Smint.io Portals. This is also part of the right brand experience. To make it as easy as possible for you, we have now removed the last manual, time-consuming task. No more annual manual renewal of SSL certificates. We’ll take care of it for you. Completely automatic.

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