Portals is the perfect solution for businesses that store their content in Cloudinary and

✔️ share content assets with internal & external users globally

✔️ need to have everything in their corporate identity

✔️ look for a great user experience and

✔️ want transparent pricing

No more content silo Portals enables marketing managers and business professionals to publish content assets from Cloudinary and a variety of other sources via a live connection for use-cases such as press portals, media download centers or brand portals.

Quick creation and publishing

Its no-code solution depends on templates for different use cases to quickly create branded and feature rich portals that support content delivery. Easily create customized content portals without graphic design know-how within a few minutes.

Holistic solution

Each of the portals is a holistic solution. With all the sophisticated features professionals expect: Access levels, media preparation, simple up/download, collections, sharing, all file types supported.

For all sizes offers attractive pricing that works for small teams as well as enterprises. It even works for portals brands need for a special time like e.g. microsites for events.

Perfect user experience

The success of any portal solution hinges on user acceptance and their interaction with the portal. Portals is designed with special focus on UX. Maybe that is the reason why users love the software.

“We focus on your needs”

We put our customers first. So we focus on that smart solution brands are searching for. The solution that can be connected with any DAM, PIM, ECM or any existing system you currently use. Don’t adapt your processes to the solution, Portals adapts to you.