Enjoy a wealth of new Smint.io Portals design options now

Because looks matter – new design possibilities with Smint.io Portals

When we speak about content activation we mean getting our audiences to consume and work with the content we put so much love and effort into creating. Smint.io customers activate their content every single day.

And because even the best content needs to be presented as beautifully as possible to your target audience, we worked tirelessly to enable the best “shopping experience” for your content.

From now on you can present your content to your users in an even more appealing way than ever before. Directly from your digital warehouses, such as Digital Asset Management systems (DAM)*, or your Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system such as SharePoint or Box.


Table of Content:

Fully responsive tables

You might think that displaying tables is a simple job. It is – if you create tables just for a specific screen size or layout. Because tables naturally are not what we call “responsive” – they are not adjusting themselves nicely to any screen size.

But it is of course your requirement that everything you provide to a user works on all different devices and screen dimensions. Given that requirement, creating even the simplest table layout becomes a challenging job.

We have solved the problem for you. Our new table component is packed with layout intelligence, and works perfectly on all devices – phone or deskop. Fully responsive.

Cascading color and layout settings

In Smint.io Portals you usually define central color settings and design options for each portal so that you only have to do your style settings once and have them applied throughout your portal consistently.

If you want to design an individual page differently, from now on, you can also set your own colors for fonts, components and backgrounds on each individual page.

If you would like to override the styles for an individual component, this is now possible as well. This allows you to create visually distinguishable sections and thus makes longer pages look much nicer.


Section anchors

The new anchor feature also fits in with this. You can now access each section directly by defining a section anchor – just place a link to the anchor on a menu and you have the perfect page navigation.

Enhanced video controls for an improved experience

Videos can be leveraged in many ways. To underline messaging, to train and educate, or just to attract attention to a topic. That’s why we have now added new options to our video component:

  • Start video automatically
  • Play video in a loop
  • Mute / unmute by default
  • Disable video controls altogether

All features help you to make your message stand out better to your users.


Additional texts for color components

A small but important improvement: Color definitions for brand guidelines require usually more than just a HEX code. The RGBA and CMYK codes are already automatically derived from the HEX code.

From now on – if that is not enough you have two more fields to add additional color codes. To cover Pantone, for example.

New icon sets

This is what we have been waiting for ourselves: we now added a selection of new iconsets that you can use in your portals.

The Elegance icon set could be used for your fashion or luxury content portal. Use the Minimal icon set for technology-related portals. The Classic icon set is built for multi-purpose use, based on Google’s Material Design specification.

Which one suits your portal best?


You see?

That’s another great firework of features, with the sole purpose to activate your content with an even better experience for your users.

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* These connectors are currently available – the number of our strategic technology partnerships is constantly growing – here you find a list of all integrations available currently.

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