Insights module with Google Analytics integration

Introducing the enhanced Insights module with Google Analytics integration

We are thrilled to bring you the latest enhancement to our platform that is sure to revolutionize the way we understand, track, and analyze user behavior. The Insights module, a premium feature offering three distinct flavors – Bronze, Silver, and Gold – is optional but a powerful addition to your toolkit.

Also, the integration of Google Analytics with our Insights module provides you with even more comprehensive data and analytical capabilities. 

Understanding the Insights module 

The Insights module is not a standard inclusion in our product; rather, it is an optional upgrade designed for those seeking advanced analytics and a deeper understanding of interactions on the website. Users can choose from three tiers based on their needs: 

  • Bronze: This level grants access to download analytics 
  • Silver: Provides analytics with anonymity for user actions 
  • Gold: The all-inclusive package, offering a comprehensive suite of analytics 

Unveiling the power of the Insights module 

The Insights module offers an expansive array of analytics, from essential metrics like page views, visits, users, and visitors to more detailed data such as actions and downloads. It provides a comprehensive overview of user engagement 

Imagine the ability to trace search terms on your page, identify popular downloads, and extract valuable insights. 

Introducing the Google Analytics integration 

What is the big news? Now, with the latest upgrade, users can seamlessly send events to Google Analytics, enhancing the richness of data on the platform. The integration enables side-by-side analysis of various websites in terms of user origin, regional distribution, and more. 

 By enabling Google Analytics integration, users can choose the tracking mode, ranging from not tracking to tracking personal data in compliance with GDPR. This feature seamlessly integrates Google Analytics tracking by adding the necessary credentials, such as the Google Analytics Measurement ID and API

Comprehensive reporting 

Users can access detailed reports, including top pages, top assets, and search terms, not only on the platform but also directly within their Google Analytics account. This integration ensures that your existing Google Analytics account becomes even more powerful with detailed insights. 

Analyzing user behavior and making informed decisions

One of the stand-out features is the ability to track usernames, allowing one to identify who downloaded what. This level of detail proves invaluable for internal invoicing and further analysis. The reports are also downloadable as CSV files. The download details are vital for content investment decisions. By understanding which assets are in high demand, users can optimize their content strategy


The Insights module with Google Analytics integration is a powerful tool for unlocking deeper insights into user behavior. Whether you’re a Bronze, Silver, or Gold user, this enhancement brings an added layer of sophistication to your analytical capabilities. Upgrade now and explore the next frontier of data-driven decision-making. 

Gert Fahrnberger

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