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Breaking down marketing silos 

MARMIND’s Marketing Resource Management (MRM) solution allows customers to combine marketing plans, budgets, and results in one platform.  

Like Marmind is all about composable architecture, allowing organizations to integrate best-of-breed applications and breaking down silos. Portals combines best-of-breed content sources and marketing applications to deliver dedicated content portals for highly demanding audiences like journalists, dealers, or. sales teams – with zero barriers to creation. 

The concrete benefit for customers is enormous. 

The – Marmind partnership allows marketing teams to create seamless workflows across point solutions, departments, and external audiences, better coordination across teams, and smarter and better content utilization through content activation. 

Marketing teams, business teams, and external audiences all work with the same content – following planning and performance control in Marmind and connected via workflows delivered with perfect content experiences in Portals.  

Everyone with the front end and the functionality that suits them best – including personalized content delivery. 

As if by magic, documents, images, or videos from Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions, SharePoint, Box, or Google Drive surface where they need to be.

For creatives, business partners and dealers.

Gert Fahrnberger

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