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Those involved in designing an online offer are always convinced of the clarity and attractiveness of their new online presence. But in the end, it is the visitors who decide on the success or failure of the efforts, and if the content offered is engaging.

That’s why it is important to know details about the performance of your content portal and your content.

When operating a content portal, perhaps you have already asked yourself the following questions:

  • How often do my sales partners download our price lists?
  • Has the agency really looked at my laboriously prepared briefing?
  • Do journalists use our press releases?

We are proud to announce:

We have just released Insights for your content portal.

Insights is a full-fledged analytics solution that allows you to answer your questions (plus many more) directly from your Portals administration backend in a quick and easy way.


From experience, a dashboard is even more valuable, the more meaningful the information is for the specific user. But it shouldn’t get too complex either – not every company can afford an analytics specialist.

Insights shows all the information you need at a glance in an easy-to-use dashboard.

– Visit stats
– Top pages
– Top assets
– Top search terms
– And more to come


Privacy, data protection and security play an increasingly critical role when web analytics systems are used. As a European company, we naturally paid particular attention to this when developing Insights.

Insights is being hosted and operated by in Europe, in strict compliance with all GDPR regulations.

On top of that, we give you control on whether you want to track personally identifiable information (PII):

– Anonymous tracking without any need for cookie banners or
– Tracking of personal identifiable information (PII) with full consent management

See Insights in action!

Insights is a premium Portals module. We want to invite you to look at the new features. Gert Fahrnberger is looking forward to giving you an Insights demo and to answer your questions!

Talk to Gert Fahrnberger

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