Custom Downloads and Web2Print Portals has become more powerful again because continuous development is essential for successful content experiences and brands.

We are very excited today to announce custom downloads and our new partnership with Chili Publish.

The power of customizing downloads

One size fits all is rarely true.

Imagine you have a vector file in your DAM, in SharePoint, or in any other source, but you need a PNG or JPG. Or, it is a high-resolution original and you have to change the size or crop the image?

What if you could just set that when downloading?

Custom Downloads has been one of our customers’ most requested functionality – now it’s here!

  • Resize or crop your images by pixel width and height or by percentage
  • Convert the image format to almost any common image format, like png, jpg, tiff, gif, pdf, or webp…
  • Remove the background or grayscale images
  • Customize creative templates

All that with just a few mouse clicks for one single image or even in bulk for all selected images.

Creativity meets control

Effective brand management requires the creation of visually engaging content while maintaining consistency with the company’s image and messaging.

The best way to strike a balance between creative freedom and brand consistency is centrally defined creative templates that allow for decentralized customization.

Brand management is a holistic task and we are staunch supporters of composable architecture. Since nobody can do anything better than a focused specialist, we have entered into a technology partnership with one of the leading creative automation providers: Chili Publish.

Why this is a game-changer?

  • Create on-brand, personalized multi-channel content at scale
  • Create campaign assets and themes once and give your teams, subsidiaries, or dealers the freedom to localize them in the browser with no local InDesign installation or other editors.
  • Let your users customize stationary or business cards

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