Last edited November 11th, 2022


In this Specification of Services the following definitions shall apply according to the meaning here below indicated:

1. “CONNECTORS” are integration products to third party content providers such as Digital Assent Management Systems (DAM), Content Management Systems (CMS) or Cloud Storage Systems whereas SMINT.IO is providing API’s to and/or using API’s provided by the respective third party or THIRD PARTY APPLICATIONS are using SMINT.IO’s API.

2. “CLOUD SERVICE” shall mean an IT-based services accessible via an individual password-protected link, described in the SPECIFICATON OF SERVICES and any updates or upgrades to such CLOUD SERVICE described in the SPECIFICATON OF SERVICES that are generally released/made available by SMINT.IO to all customers from time to time, which consist of an integrated SOFTWARE – based functionalities deployed through the SMINT.IO TECHNOLOGY.

3. “THIRD PARTY APPLICATIONS” are applications and offline software products, services and/or systems that are provided by entities or individuals other than SMINT.IO, and/or that interoperate with and/or are necessary to deploy and serve the CLOUD SERVICE as described in the SPECIFICATON OF SERVICES.

4. “USERS” are persons belonging to CUSTOMER’s organization who are authorized by CUSTOMER to access and use the CLOUD SERVICE.; the SPECIFICATON OF SERVICES may identify specific classes of USER to whom selected rights in connection with the use of (certain configurations of) the CLOUD SERVICE may be granted; USERS may include CUSTOMER’s direct employees or the employees of SUBSIDIARIES, third party consultants, outsourcers, or SMINT.IOs who have a business relationship with CUSTOMER that justifies their legitimate access to and use of the CLOUD SERVICE under the terms and conditions of this AGREEMENT. Portals CLOUD SERVICE Functionality Portals allows business users to quickly and easily create customizable no-code content portals that are connected to content sources based on templates. The functionality available to each CUSTOMER and / or portal depends on the respective price plan selected.

1. Customizable page templates for different page and content types

2. Skinning and Branding

  • Add logo, define colors & fonts, powerful layout options for all user interface components
  • CSS support and Component SDKs for advanced scenarios

3. Identity & Permission Management

  • SSO support via OIDC, SAML – (use existing login systems, users, and user groups)
  • Additionally, or alternatively – pre-packaged login system e.g., for external users
  • Access permissions for portals and access request & download approval functionality


  • Connect DAM’s, PIM’s or cloud storage systems via standard connectors with full use of the respective API capabilities maintaining access security
  • Connector SDKs for advanced scenarios and custom-built connectors to other content sources

5. Portals Insights

  • Track and analyze traffic and content performance anonymously or personalized with GDPR compliant permission management

6. Front-End Functionalities include (but are not limited to)

  • Media galleries
  • Content viewers for image, video, etc.
  • Full text and fragmented search
  • Lightboxes, collections, sharing, carts
  • Dynamic metadata display based on content sources
  • Download different file formats and sizes

Technical Support

Important: CUSTOMERS who have obtained Portals CLOUD SERVICE AGREEMENT via an authorized reseller are subject to the agreement and support process with their contractual partner for technical support.

General. SMINT.IO maintains a ticket system that can be reached by e-mail. CUSTOMER may send support requests regarding the CLOUD SERVICE to . Support requests may be sent by e-mail 24/7 and are considered received at the beginning of the next support time. Support requests will be handled by qualified personnel who are familiar with the CLOUD SERVICE. SMINT.IO undertakes to analyze any errors notified by the CUSTOMER upon receipt of the notification and to comply with the reaction times in accordance with the following regulations. In the event of multiple errors, the SMINT.IO will remedy the defects in coordination with the CUSTOMER according to their severity and their impact on the operation of the CUSTOMER. Excluded are issues and errors that concern THIRD PARTY APPLICATIONS such as DAM, PIM, or other external content sources and any other API connected THIRD PARTY APPLICATIONS.

Categories: The reported errors are assigned to the following categories:

  • Error category 1: CUSTOMER is not able to use the services, or essential applications are not executable or generate a data loss or a data corruption.
  • Error category 2: CUSTOMER is able to use the services, but not all functions are applicable. This creates a significant production restriction.
  • Error category 3: The vast majority of the functions of the services are applicable with slight restrictions.

The error category shall be reasonably decided by CUSTOMER, taking due account of the impact of the performance defect on his business and the interests of SMINT.IO.

Response time. For occurring errors with CLOUD SERVICE, a response time is agreed upon receipt of the problem report. A qualified initial reaction is either the telephone contact with the responsible contact person at CUSTOMER, or an e-mail to the responsible contact person at CUSTOMER confirming the receipt of the notification of the problem and stating the corresponding ticket number and information about the beginning of the problem analysis. The following response times are agreed upon receipt of the notification:

  • Error category 1: 4 hours
  • Error category 2: 8 hours
  • Error category 3: 24 hours

Beginning of remedial action. The beginning of a remedial action is considered to be the time when SMINT.IO begins to analyze the error documents. The following maximum times may lapse between the qualified initial reaction and the beginning of a remedial action:

  • Error category 1: 1 business day
  • Error category 2: 3 business days
  • Error Category 3: 10 business days

SMINT.IO will regularly inform the responsible contact person of CUSTOMER about the current state of processing and will coordinate closely with CUSTOMER about the cause and the steps for the correction of the error, the time expected for this purpose as well as effects on the operation of CUSTOMER. SMINT.IO is obliged to obtain the agreement of CUSTOMER before carrying out troubleshooting measures that are likely to affect the operation of CUSTOMER.

If it is foreseeable that an error of error classes 1 and 2 cannot be remedied within a reasonable period of time, SMINT.IO will provide an individual work-around for CUSTOMER. If this is not possible, SMINT.IO will agree with CUSTOMER on the further course of action.