standard contracts for stock content - a revolution in content buying

By Reinhard Holzner

In creation, whether in an company or in an agency, it is particularly important to have the right tool available for the job. This also includes access to the best possible “raw material” as the basis for an excellent creative result.

In order to avoid complex in-house productions and to save resources, stock material is often used as raw material in creation. As creatives working with stock content need to be able to meet the very high requirements on content quality, they want access to the largest and most diverse selection of stock content possible as the basis for their work.

Now ensures this large content availability on a technical basis, as creative people can use to easily search, find and purchase the perfect asset across many stock content providers.

However, it is still difficult for companies to negotiate contracts with each of the providers, manage the provider relationship and handle the individual billing processes with the providers. It is therefore understandable that a decision is often made to forego additional diversity – to the detriment of the company.

Complex contract negotiations

All content providers offer basic licenses and subscription models. However, these are usually not suitable for the corporate and agency context. As a customer, you can also negotiate so-called enterprise agreements with a sales representative of the provider.

There is things, that all of these license variants have in common: negotiation is cumbersome, and the conditions under which content can be purchased differ significantly. This is true even when just looking at a single provider. If you look at the entire stock content market, you get a chaotic picture. This confusion makes it almost impossible for end customers to compare providers and negotiate good contract terms and prices.

A uniform licensing scheme

This is the reason why we at have now developed a uniform standard license scheme for stock content. The standard license scheme contains all the essential regulations that are necessary for the legally compliant use of content in companies or agencies. Furthermore, different target groups and types of use are distinguished in the standard license scheme:

Type of use Description
All Media Use in all media
Below the Line Use in all media except TV, cinema, posters, advertisements
Online Only Use in online media
Target group Description
Enterprise License / Group License Use within the group including its affiliated companies
Company License Use within a company
Team License Use within a team
Agency License Hand over content to the client

One-click setup and easy price negotiation

Based on the standard licensing scheme, we have then pre-negotiated standard contracts with 123RF, mauritius images and Panthermedia. More providers will follow. You can enable the standard contracts with just one click in the contract and license management, and use them immediately. Billing is done centrally via, which means that you only get only one single collective invoice for all the standard content providers.

Content provider Standard license terms
123RF View
mauritius images View
PantherMedia View

Since the license terms are already defined in the standard contracts, you can now concentrate fully on pricing. In you will find very good standard conditions. But because prices for stock content are heavily dependent on usage and volume, there is pricing flexibility available here. We will be happy to help you realize the optimal price for your specific purpose.

Content provider Standard price list
123RF Download (PDF)
mauritius images Download (PDF)
PantherMedia Download (PDF)

The path to the new creativity

This innovation in conjunction with the technology allows you to suddenly expand your content selection by dimensions with a simple mouse-click. This lets your creators work on a whole new level of creativity from now on.

You see: this IS a revolution in content buying.

Reinhard Holzner

Reinhard is Founder and CEO of If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact him.