Reinhard Holzner

Welcome! I am very happy to have you here!

My name is Reinhard Holzner and I am the founder and CEO of

I would like to tell you more about our company, our story and why our business really matters.

In recent years, my profession has made me intimately familiar with the world of content and of DAM. I’m always fascinated to see how the world’s most successful brands use pictures, videos and other creative content to craft powerful marketing messages. At the same time, I’ve often found myself irritated by how arduous many of these creative processes are behind the scenes.

Marketers don’t have access to solutions reflecting the zeitgeist that are quick and easy to use. They don’t have any truly great solutions enabling them to share important content with their partners. In countless conversations with creatives and marketing managers, one thing became patently obvious:

The status quo is cumbersome and I want to change it!

Because at we believe that creatives and marketers deserve software that looks, works and feels fantastic. We think that people should be enabled to easily do things without needing help from IT experts.

Anyone who works with beautiful content should find joy in the process.

Anyone who works with beautiful content should be able to do so at their own pace and without relying on outside assistance.

And so, the idea behind was born.

Our mission is clear and easy to understand: We want everyone who works with creative content, be they creatives or marketers, to say that their favorite tools come from

That is why we provide lovable software for creatives and marketers. We enable them to
create, publish and share beautiful content – online, easily and on their own.

This is our journey and if you are a user, partner, or team member that’s no longer willing to accept the status quo, then we would love for you to accompany us.

I’m absolutely certain that together we can transform an entire industry.

Are you ready to join us?

If the answer is yes, then please get in touch!

Most sincerely,
Reinhard Holzner



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