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You need a solution that suits your needs? But you don't want complex software that costs a lot of money? 

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Each Smint.io portal is unique and reflects your corporate identity as well as your brand. Simply add your logo and define the colors and fonts. It will make your partners feel like they're visiting your main website.

Smint.io Portals empowers business users to quickly create CI-compliant and enterprise ready content portals on their own, with no coding or time consuming IT project necessary. Ready in a few minutes.

Noch nie habe ich bisher eine derart positive Resonanz auf die Einführung einer neuen Software-Lösung erlebt. Die Meinung ist einhellig. So macht Content einkaufen Spaß!

Steffen Kujus
REWE Zentral AG

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"We help companies engage with others 
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People are individual. 
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And so is Smint.io Portals.

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