Meet Portals Portals – delivering great content experience to the Box Content Cloud

✔️ Create loveable content experience portals for internal & external users

✔️ Leverage your existing Box Content Cloud content assets with more stakeholders

✔️ Extend your Box Content Cloud with branded content portals

The icing on the cake

With Box you already have the industry-leading technology for Content Services Platforms. Now you can add the beautiful digital experience your stakeholders expect on top of it. The partnership of Box and empowers business users to create branded digital experiences around the content assets in Content Cloud.

Complementing Box Portals is complementing Box in many ways – all of them are serving the objective to deliver an excellent user experience. Providing different download options, renditions, or formats from just one original is making it easy for your users to leverage your brand assets. 

Quick creation and publishing

Use templates for different use cases to quickly create branded and feature rich portals that support content delivery. Easily create customized content portals without graphic design know-how within a few minutes. Your assets always remain safely in the Box Content Cloud.

Key features for great UX

Support for multi-language content portals and multi-language meta data on Box content are essential if you serve international audiences. The integration layer provides fragmented search and full-text search capabilities for your Box content in all languages of your portal.

Quickly expandable

Do you want to use your content portal for several sub-brands or events? Create a portal according to your needs, clone it, and update the content depending on the purpose.

Holistic solution

The no-code backend is geared towards business users to remove the barrier of creation. It is a holistic solution with easy branding, simple authentication, and access levels for external users, single-sign-on, task management, automatic, branded system e-mails.


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