Recording: Enterprise Content Buying Webinar with Ralph Windsor, WoodWing and

Watch this educational webinar featuring Ralph Windsor, WoodWing and We examine one of the few innovations in Digital Asset Management (DAM) to emerge in recent years: The Enterprise Content Buying (ECB) concept. Three presentations delivered by a panel of experts explain the theory and practice behind ECB – What is it? How does it work? And how is it applied to the content supply chain in practice?

What is Enterprise Content Buying?

Ralph Windsor gives an overview of the ECB concept and describes in broad terms its context in the Digital Asset Supply Chain and why DAM users should be interested in it.

The Enterprise Content Buying Platform

Reinhard Holzner explains how have implemented Enterprise Content Buying and the multitude of benefits it can offer for enterprises who want to streamline their Digital Asset Supply Chains.

Enterprise Content Buying Platforms in Action

Dennis van Nooij gives a demonstration of the Enterprise Content Buying platform when integrated with the WoodWing Elvis Digital Asset Management solution.

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