WANTED: Senior .NET (Core / 5+) Backend Developer (alive only ;-)

Position: Senior .NET (Core / 5+) Backend Developer (m/w)
Type: employment, full-time engagement
Location: Linz/Austria or Sofia/Bulgaria
Home office: you can work whenever and wherever you like
Salary: From EUR 5.000 gross per month + stock options

Hi! My name is Reinhard Holzner and I am CE(T)O at Smint.io. Good to see that you are interested in our current job offering. Now, let me tell you what this is about and why YOU should consider to join Smint.io as our key Senior .NET (Core / 5+) Backend developer.

About us

First, let me tell you a bit about the company and our story. Founded in late 2018 in Linz/Austria, Smint.io is a B2B SaaS software start-up.

Before founding Smint.io, I had jobs in the enterprise software space (which was very dry 😉) and then I moved as a CTO to a company making games (which was very cool). When I later decided to pursue new ventures, I wanted something that would combine that two worlds – serious software that deals with beautiful things, helping great customers to do something meaningful.

When I discovered the world of content and digital experiences, I instantly knew I was there.

Whenever you work with content, you are working with beautiful things: marvellous images, engaging videos, best-in-class marketing material. And you work with great brands and great people in the (very cool) so-called MarTech space.

And whenever you work on digital experiences and CMS, you are working on the backbone, the essence of the internet which is really fascinating and definitely not a day-to-day job as well.

Out of this came Smint.io, creating lovable software for beautiful content. Our two products are Smint.io Content Buying (content procurement) and Smint.io Portals (content portals / CMS).

Major customers like Pearson Education (the world’s biggest education publisher), REWE Group (one of Europe’s largest retailers and tourism companies), Infront Sports (one of the world’s largest sports rights dealers), BBDO (one of Germany’s largest advertising agencies) or Bystronic (manufacturing awesome laser cutting machines) use our solutions every day.

The issue

Right now at Smint.io we are a very small development team. Too small actually, as our vision and customer base grows. Especially in the backend area we are understaffed and most of the work in the backend area is still performed by myself. This is where YOU come into play.

We are looking for one to two Senior .NET (Core / 5+) Backend developers who love to code, but are also interested in architecture and in the bigger picture. This means, that this job is NOT just a simple throw-away-your-brain-at-the-entrance job. Together as a team, we will jointly think ahead, and work together to first frame the picture and to then put great software features to reality that together we can be proud of.

Parts of the code will even be in the open source domain (GitHub), so there will actually be a lot of eyes who will see what you do. Afraid? Oh no, then this will be too tough for you! OR do you think that sounds like an interesting opportunity? Then go ahead!

The tech stack

(Some) technology logos

(Some) of our core technologies

The backend is written in .NET Core (currently 3.1 because it’s LTS, but upgrade pending), with ASP.NET Core and Entity Framework Core. As relational database we are using PostgreSQL. For read and search access we synchronize data from PostgreSQL to an ElasticSearch cluster.

Our APIs are being generated from OpenAPI specs. From the OpenAPI specs we generate ASP.NET Core controller stubs, as well as API clients for .NET, Java and TypeScript.

The Typescript API clients will then be used in our Typescript / Vue.js / Vuetify based frontends.

For authentication we are using a customized version of Identity Server.

Our production environment is hosted in Microsoft Azure.

For CI we use Azure DevOps.

What you should bring

If you are interested in joining us, there is only a few things that are important you should bring:

  • Skill: exceptional coding skills in C# (not necessarily .NET Core / 5+, .NET is enough)
  • Experience: at least 3 years of coding experience in real projects
  • Intelligence: extensive ability to “grok” and process complex tasks on your own
  • Desire: irrepressible desire to learn and become better in what you do every day
  • Language: Good english skills
  • Love: Love for beautiful things and a perfect result

All checks? Then let’s go ahead and talk about the perks!

Yanko loves diving

Our Sofia dev team lead Yanko during processing a complex task 😀

The perks

We are a start-up, so probably we will not be able to offer you all the perks of a big company. But we are trying hard to compete because we value good performance and want to give what we can in exchange:

  • Home office: in general you can work wherever you like, e.g. from home, and whenever you like – only performance counts
  • Office: if you want, you can also work in our really nice and modern office in the very center of Linz (Schubertstrasse 4) and enjoy the rooftop terrace
  • Salary: competitive salary from EUR 5.000 gross per month (minimum salary according to the collective agreement “ST2 – Erfahrungsstufe” is 4.272 EUR)
  • Stock options: on top of your salary, you will get stock options of the company. This means that when we are successful, you will participate in the success
  • Team: our team is highly experienced, both in running businesses and in building software – I am sure you can learn a lot with us
  • Sports: financial support for any sports activities you like
  • Hardware: you’ll get the best hardware available, period. Windows, Mac, Linux? Its your choice!
  • Fun: our CCO is the unbeaten champion in Smint.io mini table tennis – can you change that? 😀
  • Sound: if you love music – we have a SONOS sound system. Turn it on!
  • Party: big party at least once a year
  • Nutrition: free fruit and coffee supply
  • Parking: Worry-free parking in the garage
Our office is waiting for you!

Our office in Linz is waiting for you!

Call to action 😉

Do I really still need to motivate you to DO SOMETHING NOW? Oh my god. OK – then let’s do it:

Instruction 1: draft an email to reinhard@smint.io
Instruction 2: attach CV and other stuff as appropriate
Instruction 3: click send



I am Reinhard. We’ll be working together. I am looking forward to it!

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