Picturepark now connects with Smint.io in seamless content supply chain

Smint.io is proud to announce a major extension of its growing ecosystem: With the launch of the Smint.io connector for the Picturepark Content Platform, an important milestone has been reached in demonstrating the power of seamless content supply chains, starting right at the asset purchasing process.

(Linz, 5th of September 2019).

For nearly 20 years, Swiss-based Picturepark has been pioneering and defining the emerging cloud-based Digital Asset Management (DAM) space. Today, some of the world’s biggest brands rely on Picturepark DAM to manage and route creative assets across organizations with enterprise-level performance and industry-leading capabilities. With the integration of the Smint.io Enterprise Content Buying® platform into the popular and widely used DAM system, Picturepark is able to close an important gap at the very beginning of the content supply chain. The combined solution enables an unified purchasing experience across multiple content providers, providing comprehensive, consistent and trustworthy metadata and licensing information to all users.

With the integration of Smint.io, Picturepark’s unique Adaptive Metadata™ technology can now automatically draw on all available data, which is synched together with all assets purchased through the Smint.io platform. The integrated solution now enables Picturepark customers to rely on one centralized repository for all their digital assets, regardless of what content licensor they originate from, or who in the company acquired the asset. Smint.io allows a customer to also share the content buying platform with external creative agencies, thus enhancing asset reuse and preventing rights infringement while ensuring full customer control over the entire process.

Smint.io founder and CEO Reinhard Holzner is delighted to present the new partnership: „As developers of a pioneering content buying platform, we are very proud to partner with one of the leading and most iconic DAM solution providers. With the integration of Smint.io and Picturepark, we can demonstrate a uniquely seamless content supply solution, providing a one-of-a-kind experience for customers of both our platforms.”

Through the Smint.io connector, Picturepark customers can now easily search, find and purchase digital assets from all leading vendors through one single interface and have their contract and licensing information, as well as the transfer of all metadata taken care of at the same time.

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