A lot has happened at Smint.io

A lot has happened at Smint.io and today we are proud to share some of the results with you. Welcome to our November 2019 newsletter.

REWE Group shares its experiences implementing Smint.io

REWE Group is a lighthouse customer and thankfully agreed to share their experiences with the Smint.io community.

Reinforcement is here

We found it high time to take our organization to the next level, scaling up both our development team as well as our capabilities to serve our customers from a customer care and sales perspective. With Gert Fahrnberger as Chief Growth Officer (CGO) and Nikolaus Rosenmayr as Chief Technical Officer (CTO) recently becoming part of the founding team, we have established the basis for further expansion.

Why Enterprise Content Buying will become an essential component of marketing content digital asset supply chains

Ralph Windsor, one of the most respected industry experts in Digital Asset Management wrote a great article about the importance of paying attention to Enterprise Content Buying as a crucial part of the Digital Asset Supply Chain.

No investment without adequate return!

Calculating the Return of Investment (ROI) of an investment before deciding on it has become ever more important. Therefore, we have developed a comprehensive ROI Wizard based on the experience of our customers. The more content sources, the higher the content volume you purchase, the more internal and external people are involved in your content supply chain, the higher the ROI!

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