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Christmas time is the time to grab your loved ones, a glass of mulled wine and cozy up by the fire. That’s for in two weeks. For now, it is also the time to unwrap the gifts that we have been so busy to wrap for you. Welcome to our December 2019 newsletter. welcomes Alex Karst and Kevin Groome as advisors

Kevin and Alex are two of the most distinguished experts in the area of marketing platforms, digital assets and digital rights. We are very proud, that they both agreed to join as our advisors in respect to strategy and product direction. Expect to see a lot of expert content in our journal from them in future.

Good news for Veeva Vault PromoMats customers

Veeva Vault PromoMats, the leading Digital Asset Management platform in the life sciences industry, joined the family of DAM’s that benefit from as their content buying platform. The seamless integration saves the users valuable time, lets them search, find and buy assets across all content providers and have them available in Veeva without any media discontinuity – most importantly with all meta data and license rights details.

Check out this short video to see it in action!

License rights: Polar bears are cute animals and hard to trace ?

Alex Karst is the co-founder and Managing Director of Die Bildbeschaffer, arguably the most respected experts for image research, buyers, image rights and image licensing in Germany. He wrote an interesting article of an adventurous journey of a polar bear picture through the vastness of the internet. A picture that is now being sold as a rights managed image without the consent of the copyright holder.

New content sources on!

Creatives are picky when it comes to content quality. And rightly so – no creative should have to settle with the second-best picture, video, text or audio sequence. That’s why we are working hard to adding new content providers to our platform.

Join us in welcoming PantherMedia and mauritius images, our two new additions of which we are very proud!

Watch the recorded webinar: – Picturepark DAM Integration

Recently Picturepark and hosted a joint webinar featuring the integration between the two platforms facilitating a seamless Content Supply Chain.

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Hopefully you will find some inspirational reading in these news bits to bridge the time until Christmas ?.

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