increases user productivity AND FUN

The satisfaction of our users is our currency and that’s why we looked very closely at what they need and what would make their lives easier.

And then we dug ourselves in and made your wishes reality. Now we are happy to be able to present to you a whole lot of great new features that will make your work much more enjoyable for sure.

What is it Creatives want most?

From what we have seen, they want to use their time creating things without overwhelming administrative overhead or spending their time searching and using different tools. And let’s face it. What makes creatives happy makes everybody happy. ?

That’s why we now provide a plugin to consume the full force of all capabilities directly from within all relevant apps of Adobe Creative Cloud – be it PhotoshopInDesignIllustrator or Premiere Pro:

  • Search, find and buy from all major stock content providers (check out a list of our currently supported content providers here) – directly from within your Adobe Creative Cloud application
  • Conveniently work with low-resolution layout files and easily exchange them with the hi-resolution original when you are done
  • Full rights information – we always show you exactly what the asset is licensed for
  • Never worry about the administrational process behind the purchase

123RF is now available on!

With 123RF now joining the content provider family we are taking the number of assets available on to the staggering number of about ONE BILLION – we call it the “GIGA-ASSET” ?

Reverse image search across assets from different stock content providers

You can now upload an image to and find similar images through computer vision across Getty images, Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, iStock or mauritius images and get the result displayed on

This will dramatically reduce the time to search for images for any Creative!

Have you ever experienced the trouble of cancelling an asset purchase?

Up to now cancelling an asset purchase has been very cumbersome. There was a lot of back and forth with the content provider, and after cancellation it was hard to get everybody informed to stop using the asset.

With the cancellation process now becomes a breeze! If you licensed an asset erroneously, you can now cancel the transaction with the click of a button. We’ll take care about all the admin work with your content providers in the background. At the end we’ll automatically inform anyone who downloaded the asset about what happened, and you’ll just get notified once everything is done.

Collaboration style

Selecting the right artwork for marketing projects has always been a team effort, but from a process point of view it has been very cumbersome. There was just no tools available to efficiently search and select assets, discuss and rank easily without any e-mail back and forth, and at the end to easily and safely purchase the selected content.

Collaboration style is now easy and intuitive using our new collaboration features:

  • First search across all providers
  • Then share and work on assets in a lightbox
  • Live-chat with your team-mates directly within about assets or lightboxes
  • Use color codes to rank, select or discard assets
  • Complete the purchasing process using our automated approval workflow

Get in touch

We hope you enjoy these news bits and of course, we would always love to hear from you – get in touch with us!

PS: of course, as we are introducing such huge chunks of new capabilities, there will be a user webinar showing you how it works. If you are a user already, you’ll receive the invitation to the user webinar by e-mail shortly.

All the best, stay safe and healthy!

The team