Marketing trend 2021: brand-compliant, no-code platforms

Or, why we believe the world needs Portals

It Starts with Love

We love beautiful software, we love beautiful content, and we have been looking for spaces we can bless with more solutions from our shop floor that combine the two.

We are convinced that if we put people at the center of our thinking and our work, we can enable them to love their work. That is what gives us satisfaction.

Our Enterprise Content Buying Platform does exactly that. It up-streams Digital Asset Management Solutions (DAM) by giving users a beautiful, highly usable, and effective platform to search, find, and buy beautiful stock content from all major stock content agencies. It allows unproductive administrative tasks including instant synchronization with the DAM to be automated. Thousands of users have answered our frequent user surveys to show us their love.

Of course, especially people in marketing are starved for slick, well-designed, and well-thought-out solutions. These users are also particularly sensitive to awful software tools they continue to be forced to work with all too often.

Speaking to marketing professionals, business decision makers, and our numerous DAM partners, we discovered another major gap in the solutions landscape around the Content Life Cycle. There simply weren’t any no-code solutions ensuring that the right content quickly reaches the right target groups in a brand-compliant design – until now. That is what we are going to bring to you. Portals is just around the corner!”

Leveraging existing infrastructure

Over the last decade companies have spent a lot of time and money on building content infrastructure. Digital Assent Management Systems (DAM), which aim to deliver a consistent brand experience throughout all channels, have emerged as the Content Hubs at the center of the Content Life Cycle.

Of course, File Storage and Cloud Storage infrastructure also holds enormous amounts of content as do Web Content Management Systems (Web CMS) and other Content Management Systems (CMS).

This seemingly perfect content world gives us well-managed content from its creation via its ingestion into the DAM, Content Hub or CMS, publishing it to a multitude of channels in a consistent form. But do you get the agility and the speed you would expect out of those enterprise application architectures when it comes to reaching audiences you did not know about a year ago or to underpin an event or campaign?

The need to break down barriers

In a world where brands compete for the attention of consumers and business customers, the two most valuable resources to credibly convey the brand’s vision are creativity and speed.

Ultimately, it is content that powers digital experiences, that evokes emotions and trust. If content is to do this, however, it not only has to be created, managed and found. It also has to reach the various and ever-changing target groups as quickly as possible while maintaining access rights in a brand-compliant manner.

Traditionally, creating a media gallery, a press portal, or partner portal to complement an event, a product launch, or a campaign quickly and precisely required a massive development effort, IT-expert resources, and an adequate budget. It had to be planned months in advance.

If we want to break down such barriers for business users, we must provide lean and easy to use no-code platforms to build the speedboats between the supertankers of your enterprise application architecture.

No-code platforms can help marketers to innovate quickly without eating up IT resources. According to Forrester, no-code platforms harness the forces of shadow IT for good, not evil.

With no-code platforms everybody is a maker.

Powerful simplicity

There is nothing more difficult in software development than letting complex processes appear simple to the user, making it seem easy, and delivering instant response to user interaction. We believe that the value we deliver to the people who use our software and to their employers lies exactly in our ability to achieve what we call “powerful simplicity”. That is why we spend so much time putting ourselves in our users‘ shoes before we start the coding.

Connecting enterprise-grade software platforms that hold content you want to publish with a new portal that you create is a complex task normally requiring IT expert intervention. It’s a very budget- and time-consuming process.

Enabling business users to perform that kind of task with a few clicks is what we mean by powerful simplicity.

"The self-service speedboat for special purpose portals"

So, what can you expect from Portals?

Beside all our love for beautiful software, Portals is a highly flexible and scalable cloud SaaS solution that allows business users to quickly and easily create appealing, highly customizable portals that publish content such as images, videos, documents, articles, or other text to selected audience groups without having to involve IT experts.

The design is easily adaptable to the individual corporate design guidelines of your brand and the functional components and design templates are completely customizable.

The first use cases we will focus on are:

  • Media Galleries
  • Brand Portals and
  • Press / Media Portals.

The central idea of Portals is to be a focal point that allows seamless self-set up connectivity to all relevant adjoining business applications and platforms such as Digital Asset Management Systems (DAM), Content Management Systems (CMS), File Stores, or Authentication Providers.

Setting up a dedicated portal with connectivity to the required business applications and Identity Providers and skinning it with CI-compliant design will become an easy self-service experience. Portals will serve as the speedboats connecting the content supertankers in your organization and delivering its goods to your target audiences.

If you are interested in being among the first to know when Portals go live, please sign up here.

With Portals everybody is a maker!

Gert Fahrnberger

Gert is Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) at

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