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Good news for all of you who have looked for an easy way to benefit from the use of without actively involving your IT department or having to lead big budget discussions.

Just register, choose a name for your subdomain and you are ready to go, guided with an easy to understand wizard and with as many users as you want.

It’s free for up to 360 annual purchases!
What’s the catch? You may be asking…

There is none. Even above the 360 annual purchases per year, our platform charges are always lower than your savings.

Now you can benefit from standard contracts

Yes, with you can use your own contracts with Getty Images, Shutterstock, Adobe Stock & Co. But do you have to? From now on: no, you don’t.

You can now also use the brand new standard contracts to license content!

With standard contracts you benefit from predefined, easy to understand and fair license terms and prices.

The standard contracts contain all the essential regulations that are necessary for the legally compliant use of content in companies or agencies. Furthermore, different target groups and types of use are distinguished in their requirements.

Currently, we have standard contracts available for mauritius images and for PantherMedia. We will be adding more over time.

Read this article about standard contracts for stock content.

If you choose to use, you are joining a very happy user family

What makes our users happy is what makes successful. That’s why we are asking our users continuously what they like and what not.

Of course, any actionable feedback goes right into the product!

Today we are very proud to announce that a whopping 92% of our frequent users say that they very much appreciate

30% say they would be disappointed if they could not use anymore60% would be even very disappointed.

We are very honored by this great feedback! Thank you very much!

If there is anything you would like to let us know, anything we can do to improve, please get in touch!

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