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At we have many years of experience in the area of content buying and know the demand. This is why we have developed Content Buying a platform which enables both companies and agencies to take their content buying to the next level.

Which possibilities does Content Buying offer?

  • Search
  • Find
  • Collaborate
  • License
  • Transactions
Content Buying Find
Content Buying Collaborate
Content Buying Purchase
Content Buying Transactions

Why Content Buying?

Find and buy centrally

Easily search, find and purchase image, video, sound or text across all major content providers. Use standard contracts. Save a lot of time and nerves, and at the same time, get the perfect asset at the best price.

Avoid license infringements

Configure and manage licenses using our worldwide unique contract and license management. Find out which conditions apply at any time – before and after your purchase. This helps you stay safe.

Adobe and Office Plugins

You don’t have to switch back and forth between windows. You can work directly from within your Adobe tool or Microsoft Office, while easily working with layout and high-res files. For maximum comfort.

Work better together

Teams and agencies can use the live chat to talk in real time, and rank and select assets together. You can structure yourself perfectly in projects and lightboxes. Email flood good bye, team spirit welcome!

Optimize costs & processes

Roll out central purchasing conditions to the users. Promote reuse of assets. Keep the overview using approval workflows. And at the end, you can bill easily, centrally and in a transparent way.

A living ecosystem integrates into your preferred DAM system. In this way, important metadata and authoritative license information enter the content supply chain without media breaks. Your users will be happy!

What added value does Content Buying offer to you?

  • Creatives
  • Art Buyers
  • DAM Managers
  • Marketers
  • Legal Officers
  • Budget Owners
For Creatives
For Art Buyers
For DAM Managers
For Marketers
For Legal Officers
For Budget Owners