Reinhard Holzner

Hello! My name is Reinhard Holzner and I am the founder and CEO of Smint.io. Welcome! I am very happy to have you here! I would like to tell you more about our company, our story and why our business really matters.

During the past few years, I started to learn about the world of content and about the world of DAM. I was immediately fascinated with how images, videos and other creative content would become part of the marketing messaging of the world’s most successful brands.

Soon I saw how searching, finding and purchasing content works for the most sophisticated companies today. This is a cumbersome process. It takes a lot of time to search all the content portals for the perfect image. Approval processes are done by email in an unstructured method. The purchased asset files are then placed somewhere with cryptic names, or are downloaded and then uploaded to the DAM system manually. License confusion and license risk are present at all times, and employees and managers are afraid of an infringement case. Lastly, nobody knows what was purchased, or how much budget was utilized. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

As you can see, companies are wasting significant time and money on their content procurement processes. I decided this must be fixed and the idea for building Smint.io was born. We quickly won our first pilot customer REWE Group, a $54 billion revenue enterprise retailer. REWE Group significantly supported Smint.io, delivering many ideas and requirements that resulted in Smint.io being the perfect and proven content buying center for companies and agencies with strong content demand. You can read the REWE Group customer story here.

Our mission is straightforward and simple: Smint.io will become the best product to easily search, find and purchase content for marketers, art buyers and creatives. It will be apparent, that whenever content of any type is needed, “sminting it” will be the easiest, quickest and safest way to succeed.

If you want, you can get started right now – just create your free Smint.io account now.

Or do you want to learn more? Find out how you can realize purchase and process cost savings of up to 60% and book a demo. We want to learn more about your company and how the Smint.io features can support your operations.

I really look forward to collaborating with you on your projects!

Sincerely yours,