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Flexible pricing

Transaction fees apply for more than 360 purchase transactions per year. You can choose between dynamic and fixed billing. We recommend dynamic billing for agencies. Fixed billing is more suitable for companies.


360 transactions for free
Price per transaction based on
volume band p.a.
Monthly billing

< 2,000 € 4.0 / $ 4.8
2,001 – 5,000 € 3.8 / $ 4.6
5,001 – 10,000 € 3.6 / $ 4.3
10,001 – 15,000 € 3.4 / $ 4.1
15,001 – 20,000 € 3.2 / $ 3.8
> 20,000 Talk to us
Content provider asset costs
not included.



360 transactions for free
Yearly volume package price.
incl. 20% overage
Billed yearly in advance

2,000 pack € 433 / $ 520 per month
5,000 pack € 1,175 / $ 1,410 per month
10,000 pack € 2,167 pm / $ 2,600 per month
15,000 pack € 3,317 / $ 3,980 per month
20,000 pack € 4,192 / $ 5,030 per month
> 20,000 Talk to us
Content provider asset costs
not included.



Which pricing model suits me?

For agencies, we recommend dynamic billing, since costs are usually passed on to the customer based on expenditure. Fixed billing is more suitable for companies, because significant savings can be achieved based on a previously known need.

Unfortunately, the current purchasing volume is not known

This is a normal situation that is well known to us – it is part of the problem that we solve with We would be happy to help you create a reliable initial assessment. Based on this assessment, we can provide you with an offer that suits your needs.

What are standard contracts? has pre-negotiated standard contracts with 123RF, mauritius images and PantherMedia. More providers will follow. The contracts are based on our standard licensing scheme, which is ideal for agencies and companies. You can activate the standard contracts with just one click in and then use them immediately. Billing is done centrally via

Can I continue to use my contracts with

Of course! In addition to the standard contracts, you can also link your existing contracts in The contract relationships between you and the content providers can remain. When connecting the provider to, your subscriptions and contracts will be taken over, and then can be used when you purchase content.

Does it take long to get started with

Not at all! Create your free user account now and use our standard contracts or connect your existing content providers. You will see – this is done quickly and definitely does not require you to start an IT project.

What are the potential savings I can achieve?

This depends on the industry and on the corporate structure. Empirical data shows that allows savings on purchase and process costs of up to 60%. A positive ROI usually already results from the very first purchase.