Comparing apples to oranges

Digital Asset Management (DAM) versus Brand Portal: Understanding the differences


It is apparent that marketing and sales are increasingly content driven and that only exceptional experiences will keep users engaged.

Two systems that often cause confusion —and are frankly also described differently depending on which vendor you talk to — are Digital Asset Management Systems and Brand Portals.

Why is that? Because oftentimes one cannot live without the other.

Read the full article to understand the diffences between DAM System and Brand Portals.

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Marketing trend 2021: brand-compliant, no-code platforms


Or, why we believe the world needs Smint.io Portals

In a world where brands compete for the attention of consumers and business customers, the two most valuable resources to credibly convey the brand’s vision are creativity and speed.

Ultimately, it is content that powers digital experiences, that evokes emotions and trust. If content is to do this, however, it not only has to be created, managed and found. It also has to reach the various and ever-changing target groups as quickly as possible while maintaining access rights in a brand-compliant manner.