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Watch this recording of our webinar for users (September 2020), offered in English. Please note, that there is a German version of the recording available as well.

Reinhard Holzner, our CEO, shows and explains the many new functions that we have introduced to since the last user webinar.

Details standard contracts for stock content - a revolution in content buying

License Rights

We at have developed a uniform standard licensing scheme for stock content. The standard license scheme contains all the essential terms that are necessary for the legally compliant use of stock content in companies or agencies. Different target groups and types of use are distinguished in the standard license scheme.

Read now why we call this a revolution in content buying.

It has never been easier to get started with


The self-sign-up wizard is here!

Good news for all of you who have looked for an easy way to benefit from the use of without actively involving your IT department or having to lead big budget discussions.

Just register, choose a name for your subdomain and you are ready to go, guided with an easy to understand wizard and with as many users as you want.

What is a model or property release?

What is a model or property release? When do I need a release?

License Rights

If you just want to purchase a picture or video license, you may not be too interested in the legal aspects of buying a license. However, it is very important to have some basic knowledge on the topic, as this will help you avoid dangerous pitfalls that can lead to litigation and costly compensation claims.

This article will give you guidance on questions around the topic of model and property releases.


Madison Avenue, New York

Reconciling efficiency and creativity in agencies - is there an untapped lever of profitability?


Advertising agencies are dealing with constant change in one of the most competitive industries. Cumbersome processes and technologies that are difficult to use all too often stand in the way of creativity and margins hugely depend on production.

Therefore, it should be the ultimate goal of effective leadership teams to square the circle between creativity and organizational efficiency in production.

Eventually it is time that matters.