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Take your
brand experience
to the next level

By using the power of content portals.

Quick creation and publishing

Built for non-IT people and businesses of all sizes.

More than just a template

A fully functioning, highly flexible, customizable and ready-to-go solution.

Single source of truth for brand assets

Combine and connect your existing content sources and quickly launch them on your portal. Portals is a cloud-based solution offering fully customizable ready-to-go-online Brand Portals, Press Portals, Partner Portals or Media Galleries within minutes. Easier than the others. The logical choice for brand managers and marketers. 


Connect your content with the world

The simple and pragmatic content portal solution for exceptional online brand experiences.

High software flexibility

Only through the perfect application your corporate identity does a portal become your portal. That's why you can set-up all important characteristics quickly and easily in our user-friendly backend – with full flexibility. Create as many sub-pages or portals as you need and when you need them.

Goodbye Content Silo

Very few companies have stored their content in just one system. That’s why we let you connect your portal to your content sources with just a few clicks. No matter whether your content is stored in a DAM, a PIM, in Microsoft SharePoint, or Google Drive, you can publish it with Portals right from where it lives without duplicating it.

No code set-up

You don't have to learn programming to get your new content portal up and running- that's a promise.

We know you need a quick and professional result. No frills and no IT support. Still with an exceptional user experience for your various target groups.


What else?

Simple solution

Portals is a simple and pragmatic solution for brand managers and marketers who want to enrich their brand communication with consistency and clarity.

Flexible system

In contrast to most comparable products, Portals is an open system that allows further custom developments or connectors to new sources if necessary.

CI-compliant brand presence

Portals is the CI-compliant way of publishing and sharing content so that you can leave third-party file-sharing services or SharePoint Links behind you in the future.

"Are you looking for an easy and beautiful solution? You can stop your search right now."

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Connect your content
with the world - now!

Your beautiful, new content portal doesn't have to become an extensive project. If you choose Portals, your new portal is ready-to-go-online in just a few steps.

Available end of Q2 2021

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