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At Smint.io we have many years of experience in the area of content buying and know the demand. This is why we have developed Smint.io, a Enterprise Content Buying® platform which enables both companies and agencies to take their content buying to the next level.

A large selection of providers is essential. We currently cover Getty Images, iStock, Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, 123RF, mauritius images and a lot of other sources, giving you plenty of choice.

What added value does Smint.io offer to you?

For creatives

  • Quickly and easily find better assets
  • Available directly in the creative toolset (eg. Adobe)
  • Comfortably work with layout & high-res files

For art buyers

  • Search all providers in seconds
  • Full overview of license terms at all times
  • Quickly select assets together as a team

For marketers

  • Buy the best asset at the best price
  • Facilitate decentralized teamwork
  • Work more efficiently with agencies

For budget owners

  • Optimize purchasing and process costs
  • Enable creatives, while keeping the overview
  • Transparent cost settling, with cost centers

For legal officers

  • Avoid expensive license violations
  • Promote awareness of legal compliance
  • Exclude manual sources of error

For DAM managers

  • Provide reliable metadata
  • Digitize your content supply chain
  • Enable reliable automation

Are you interested? We are happy to help!

Strengths of Smint.io

Find and buy centrally

Easily search, find and purchase image, video, sound or text across all major content providers. Use Smint.io standard contracts. Save a lot of time and nerves, and at the same time, get the perfect asset at the best price.

Avoid license infringements

Configure and manage licenses using our worldwide unique contract and license management. Find out which conditions apply at any time – before and after your purchase. This helps you stay safe.

Adobe and Office Plugins

You don’t have to switch back and forth between windows. You can work directly from within your Adobe tool or Microsoft Office, while easily working with layout and high-res files. For maximum comfort.

Work better together

Teams and agencies can use the live chat to talk in real time, and rank and select assets together. You can structure yourself perfectly in projects and lightboxes. Email flood good bye, team spirit welcome!

Optimize costs & processes

Roll out central purchasing conditions to the users. Promote reuse of assets. Keep the overview using approval workflows. And at the end, you can bill easily, centrally and in a transparent way.

A living ecosystem

Smint.io integrates into your preferred DAM system. In this way, important metadata and authoritative license information enter the content supply chain without media breaks. Your users will be happy!

News from the world of content buying

Comparing apples to oranges

Digital Asset Management (DAM) versus Brand Portal: Understanding the differences


It is apparent that marketing and sales are increasingly content driven and that only exceptional experiences will keep users engaged.

Two systems that often cause confusion —and are frankly also described differently depending on which vendor you talk to — are Digital Asset Management Systems and Brand Portals.

Why is that? Because oftentimes one cannot live without the other.

Read the full article to understand the diffences between DAM System and Brand Portals.

Getty images acquires Unsplash - Uh oh

Getty Images acquires Unsplash


Uh-oh?!? What does the acquisition mean for photographers and users?

Well, the day before yesterday’s news came as quite a surprise. Getty Images, one of the world’s leading stock content providers, acquired Unsplash, which is known for its free image policy. A second look at the calendar confirmed that it wasn’t April 1st yet. Accordingly, there is no reason to believe we’re being fooled.

In the wake of this news, our team sat down this morning to have a cup of coffee and share our thoughts about the acquisition.

Be happy!

Marketing trend 2021: brand-compliant, no-code platforms


Or, why we believe the world needs Smint.io Portals

In a world where brands compete for the attention of consumers and business customers, the two most valuable resources to credibly convey the brand’s vision are creativity and speed.

Ultimately, it is content that powers digital experiences, that evokes emotions and trust. If content is to do this, however, it not only has to be created, managed and found. It also has to reach the various and ever-changing target groups as quickly as possible while maintaining access rights in a brand-compliant manner.


Do you support enterprise use cases?

Certainly. Do you want to handle many licensees or do you need to apply your CI to Smint.io? Do you require full cost center reporting, SLAs or APIs? Is security key to you? You are covered. We know the needs of enterprise clients!

Can I continue to use my contracts with Smint.io?

Of course! The contract relationships between you and the content providers can remain. When connecting the provider to Smint.io, your subscriptions and contracts will be taken over, and then can be used when you purchase content.

Which content providers do you currently support?

We currently support Getty Images, iStock, Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, 123RF, mauritius images and a lot of other sources, giving you plenty of choice.

Do I need to install software to use Smint.io?

Smint.io is Cloud-based and highly available. There is no need to install software. Only a web browser is required to access our services from anywhere in the world.

Which purchasing volume is Smint.io suitable for?

We recommend Smint.io for businesses that purchase a minimum of 3,000 assets per year. There is no limit to the top.

What are the potential savings I can achieve?

This depends on the industry and on the corporate structure. Empirical data shows that Smint.io allows savings on purchase and process costs of up to 60%.