How mybreev boosted its efficiency without increasing colleagues’ workload

  • Greater in-company capacities
  • Hassle-free added value
  • Satisfied mybreev clients
  • “My team loves using the tool every day!”
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The challenge:

Optimizing product quality without increasing employee workload

For nearly 10 years, the mybreev media company has been independently producing all of its own content. The diverse range of licensing terms for the many stock providers were far too confusing, and the concern about costs incurred through licensing violations was too great. At the end of 2019, CEO Uwe Röniger, whose mind is always focused on achieving the best result for all customers, finally resolved to use additional high-quality stock content.

“In some subject areas, it’s just not possible to keep up with some stock providers when producing your own content. The demand for more content at cheaper rates just kept growing. So, of course, we needed to take action and respond accordingly. Legal challenges then also became part our daily business as soon as stock content was introduced,” says Röniger.

Non-transparent licensing terms, however, weren’t the only new obstacle standing in the way of daily operations. Röniger was caught off guard by the individual workflows of the creative staff. Each and every creative had their own preferred platform for source content. Images, videos, and other content were hardly ever or never compared.

This is understandable because nobody likes having to simultaneously log in to multiple providers just to compare photos of sunrises, for instance. And since each platform has its own licensing terms and contracts, it was much easier for staff to search on just one platform and make purchases under consistent terms. They felt it important to ‘keep things safe.’

Even if mybreev always produced high-quality end results, Röniger viewed the lack of comparison as a limitation. He believes that proprietary products can be made even better by employing the perfect asset and the work of employees facilitated through transparent licensing terms.
But the question was how.

The solution:

Introducing the Smint.io Enterprise Content Buying platform

Röniger was made aware of Smint.io from contact with a former account manager at a stock content agency. The fledging company had already built made a good reputation among such notable customers as the REWE Group, etc. with its Content Buying platform.

Smint.io uses its ECB SaaS platform to focus on digitizing and standardizing the entire stock content purchasing process across providers. This means users can log in just once and use just one dashboard, but can access over a billion assets.

Another advantage for mybreev: anyone purchasing content through this platform doesn’t have to worry about licensing terms. Provider contracts are clearly presented in Smint.io and the possible licensing options for individual assets are displayed.

User content can thus be easily, legally, and legitimately procured and previously purchased assets with valid licenses can also be reused. In Uwe Röniger’s eyes, the newly gained transparency in sourcing content is a real game changer in the stock industry.

The innovative character of the Enterprise Content Buying® platform was part of the reason why mybreev did not look for such a solution earlier. “For one thing, I wouldn’t have known what to look for. After all, there is still no comparable software on the market today. And after having heard about it for the first time, I thought this solution would be absolutely invaluable to mybreev.” Luckily, Röniger’s curiosity was greater than his skepticism, and he scheduled an appointment for a demonstration.

The CEO of mybreev was surprised by the focus on customers during the product presentation. “Instead of telling me something about prices and plans, the Smint.io representative simply asked me ‘What do you actually need?’” This information was then used to clearly explain the benefits of the Content Buying platform and then apply them to mybreev processes.

The decision to go with Smint.io was made shortly thereafter. “The product’s technical sophistication and the customer-oriented flow of the discussions made it easy for me to opt for Smint.io’s Content Buying platform.”

The result:

Smooth launch during first months of corona crisis

The software was launched during the coronavirus lockdown in Germany. All of a sudden, mybreev employees had to work from disparate locations. As a SaaS platform, this was no problem for Smint.io. The new work processes were rolled out smoothly and, thanks to the excellent support provided, users were immediately helped with any initial difficulties or confusing situations.

  • “Employees are now able to always pick the perfect asset because assets are now easier to compare in the overview. This has a positive impact on our products and consequently on the satisfaction of our customers.”
  • “The ‘reverse image search’ alone now saves my employees a lot of time. This freed-up time is invested in new projects. We are thus boosting our efficiency without increasing our colleagues’ workload.
  • “It would be far too expensive and time-intensive for mybreev to conclude framework agreements with small stock providers. We want to concentrate on our business. And since Smint.io is now taking care of these things for me, my colleagues have a lot more options available to them at no added cost.”

Thanks to the ECB platform, my employees can now concentrate on their actual work again, delivering added value to our customers in particular.

Uwe Röniger, CEO,mybreev GmbH


  • One platform – multiple content Providers
  • Unique contract and license Management
  • High-security data storage
  • Cloud-based and highly available
  • Administration and user permission controls
  • API for system integration


  • Fully digitize the content supply chain
  • Save time and money
  • Boost reuse rates to up to 60%
  • Avoid license risk, promote compliance
  • Boost efficient collaboration
  • Central reporting with cost center allocation
  • Available anytime and anywhere via browser
  • Great user acceptance